Overview of the conditions of use and terms for Wordfast Anywhere (WFA).

Copyright 2008-2024, Wordfast LLC

This document is for information only. Click here for the full and binding Wordfast Anywhere End User License Agreement.


The software will be sold as a paid service as of January 1, 2023.
The price as of January 1, 2023 is $9.90 per month. Discounts may apply for developing economies and/or if three or more monthly credits are purchased at a time.
Pricing is published at www.wordfast.com/buy and may vary at any time.


Data hosted and maintained by WFA on Users' behalf is kept strictly confidential. Data includes, but is not limited to, documents uploaded for translation, translation memories, glossaries, personal information, IP addresses, cookie content, access logs.
WFA upholds and/or exceeds the generally accepted rules of confidentiality in the translation industry. WFA will not sell, lease, lend, exploit for a profit, data entrusted in its servers.
WFA does not archive data after it is deleted by users. Data deleted by users is permanently and irretrievably deleted by WFA.

Email addresses are not disclosed to any third party interest. WFA adamantly opposes the practice known as "spam".

Service limitations

Termination of Service

Policy changes

Substantial changes to the conditions above will be notified in WFA's main web page, in WFA's login page, and emailed to subscribers of our mailing list.